Ashley Judd’s Form-Fitting Red Carpet Looks Are Curvy Girl Fashion Inspiration


Ashley Judd’sOver the past three decades, her style on the red carpet is legendary. Judd is a star from her mother’s lineage. Naomi JuddAnd half-sister Wynonna Judd, so it’s only natural that she would have a commanding presence as well.

When it comes to curvy girl fashions, Ashley Judd’s style is the prototype. The actress, who is also the daughter of country music legend Naomi Judd, has been captivating our attention since her first appearances on red carpet. It’s no secret why we can’t keep from staring. Ashley’s fashions on the red carpet are a key guide for curvy women looking to showcase those curves in the best light possible. 

Ashley Judd Rocks Ever-Flattering Sheath Dress

For women with more defined figures, sheath dresses are an excellent choice. The wrap-like patterns in this stunning teal number will highlight every curve. The horizontal lines across the skirt make Ashley’s hips look beautifully shapely while the criss-cross beneath her chest makes her waist appear even more nipped-in for that classic hourglass figure. No wonder Ashley is smiling so brightly, she’s got on one heck of a dress!

Sweetheart Neckline: Halter Top meets Sweetheart

Sweetheart necklines are two of the best tricks for curvy ladies: halter ties, and sweetheart necklines. Both draw the eye upwards, while the flared skirt balances the bottom half. As a result, you can’t help but notice Ashley’s figure or gorgeous face. We also love the sparkling, jewel-encrusted rose on Ashley’s dress strap or the charming bow at the nape.

You can fit and flaunt with a fun pattern

Fit and flare dresses are the perfect fit for curvy bodies. The flirty hemline of this bird-patterned dress and the fitted bodice with deep v-neck are both our favorite features. Each of those elements helps accentuate curves, which makes this dress as a whole a curvy girl’s dream frock.

We’ve also got to give Ashley credit for her incredibly cute haircut. Her hair has changed lengths endless times over the course of her public life, but we tend to love her best when her hair’s at about chin level. It gives her face a puckish look that’s too cute to resist.

The All-Important Silhouette

Creating that silhouette is the trickiest part of dressing for fuller figures, but once it’s done, the difference it can make is almost unreal. This 1996 photo of Ashley Judd in a silver and glittery gown made us gasp. It fit her seamlessly through the hips, before flowing straight down her legs. She looks tall and elegant. She looks so young; she’s almost unrecognizable if not for that little smile that gives her identity away.

It might be a while before we see a true smile from Ashley or her sister Wynonna as they and the rest of Naomi Judd’s family and loved ones mourn her passing. We send our deepest sympathies to Naomi’s family.

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