At age 8 a Hero Rat Detected More Than 100 Landmines in Cambodia


For his contributions to the removal of landmines from the globe, he is remembered as a hero. 

Magawa was a HeroRAT in APOPO, an organisation that aims to eliminate landmines left over from conflicts past. 

They train African giant pouched rats in explosives sniffing. These animals are extremely intelligent and have a great sense of smell.

According to the organization, one of their HeroRATS can scan an area as large as a tennis court in just 30 minutes. It is safe because the rats aren’t heavy enough to start a landmine. 

Magawa was the organization’s most successful HeroRat. Magawa was the HeroRat with the most success. He uncovered 100 landmines in Cambodia and gave people living in those areas freedom without fear of losing limbs or their lives. 

Magawa was awarded a gold medal from the UK’s leading animal charity in 2020, and he recently passed away peacefully in his sleep at the age of 8.

APOPO says its work is not done, as 60 million people worldwide live in fear of landmines that have yet to be found. To continue his mission, they train more rats like Magawa.