Athlete girlfriend and Star of ‘Love Island’ Call It Quits


Chris Hughes of Love Island has spoken out after a year of being with Annabel Dimmock.

“I’m in a good place,”Hughes assured his fans during an interview. Silver Screen Beats. “I always struggle a bit when it’s fresh out of a relationship because everything feels different.”

“But I’m in the gym, I’m keeping myself busy with work.”I am always in the shop. I have great friends and family which is a blessing. It makes me feel good.” he added.

In August, after going Instagram official, the couple got their first tattoo together, inking the date they met onto the backs of their arms. After the initial tattoo, they returned to Mike Love, a tattoo artist, to have the words “Yours x” etched on their arms in September.

Hughes and Dimmock also have each other’s initials inside their arms in cursive – “ALD,” and “CWH.Dimmock, a successful golfer, turned professional in 2016. She won the Ladies European Tour. Hughes was also there.

Hughes stated that he was ready to propose to Dimmock in January after only five months of dating. He also said it wouldn’t take long for him to get down on one knee. Hughes shared his story after moving in with Dimmock at the end last year. MailOnline he was “extremely settled” and couldn’t be happier. 

“It won’t be too long… Even Annabel’s friends messaged her when we were going to the Maldives last month it was very last minute,” he said.”Everyone believed it was because I was proposing at the wrong time of year. I don’t know if Annabel did… her mum said to her, ‘do you think Hughes could propose?'”

“I’m not one of those people who thinks that getting engaged after a month is unusual or abnormal.” he continued. “It’s personal and unique to your relationship. I am older than my time. I should’ve lived in the 50s.”

“You can hold onto one thing from those days: when you first met someone, it was a sign that you were right. Even after just a few months, you would marry even if you had been in a relationship for a while. It’s true if it’s true. Hughes was previously a lover to Jesy, an ex-star of Little Mix, but they split in 2020.