Attorney Says: ‘Rust’ Assistant Director wasn’t responsible for checking firearms on set


A lawyer to help you “Rust” assistant director Dave Halls is defending him over allegations that it was her client’s responsibility to check the gun that fired the fatal shot on set, accidentally killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza. 

“That’s not the assistant director’s job,”Fox News interviewed Lisa Torraco. “If he chooses to check the firearm, because he wants to make sure that everyone’s safe, he can do that, but that’s not his responsibility.” 

Her claim appears to contradict Hall’s previous statement to detectives that he “should have checked all of them,”Referring to the chambers in the Colt 45 revolver.

Torraco also disagreed with Halls’ claim that the loaded gun was given to Alec Baldwin. 

“This idea that my client handed the gun off of a prop cart and handed it to Mr. Baldwin — absolutely did not happen,”Torraco stated.

“Whether or not he handed the firearm directly to Alec Baldwin at that moment or whether the armorer handed it directly to Alec Baldwin at the moment doesn’t really matter, because he didn’t load it. He’s not responsible,” Torraco continued.

Baldwin said that he does not expect the film’s completion.

Meanwhile, the actor was seen searching for his Bengal cat, Emilio, who was found Tuesday afternoon.

“Emilio seems to have a broken leg, but he is alert. Fingers crossed he will pull through,”Hilaria Baldwin wrote about social media.