Audrey Roloff of ‘Little People Big World,’ Turns the tables on Trolls Following Criticism from ‘Messy Homes’


Little People, Big WorldAudrey Roloff, alumna of the Roloff family farm, doesn’t feel any connection to the current family drama. Jeremy, her husband was snubbed and shushed by his father for the sale of the farm. He has remained quiet about it publicly. But that doesn’t make her life boring.

Roloff shared a photo of a stack of clothes on Instagram recently. According to InTouch WeeklyHer reason was to respond to many critics and trolls that were critical of her home’s cleanliness After a housewarming partyAt the couple’s brand new farm.

“Not a judgment at all, but I just don’t know how that happens,” Roloff sent a direct message to her stories.Read it Wednesday “I raised [three] kids too and was a stay at home mom. My house never looked like that.”

She ended sharing another, which sounded a lot like hers but was just a bit more in touch. “That never happened to me. I had nannies. Couldn’t live that way,”The second message was sent. Roloff replied with a “Great for you!” gif.

However, there were many supportive messages. “That is 100 percent judgment!!”Roloff received a letter from a supporter “My house looks like that with two kids, and I work from home! It’s more important having fun with the kids than running [around] tidying up after them!”

“They probably didn’t run several business on top of it lol [sic],”An additional option was added. “Y’all work … nuff said …. Haters gonna hate.”Roloff did not let criticism get to her and may not have required the support. Roloff seems to have mastered the art of dealing with trolls. Recent post shows piles of laundry basket clothes piled on her bed. “Just here to make you feel better about your life,”Roloff added his signature to the top of the photograph.

Her house’s organization has come under scrutiny. Roloff was even criticised for her hotel room in Hawaii with her family, being called “a sham”. “unorganized slobs.”