Author Resurrects from the Dead after Faking Her Own Death


These days, it seems like authors will do just about anything to get their books to sell, but one writer took things to a whole new level—the Great Beyond, to be exact.

Although romance writer Susan Meachen was believed to be dead, she recently returned to social networking to explain why she did not commit suicide. This news received a negative response, which is understandable.

After Bullying Allegations, Romance Author Resigns

In 2020, a post allegedly written by Meachen’s daughter announced that the author had committed suicide following bullying and harrassment from the online book community. The allegations of harassment confused many writers and fans, who supported and loved Meachen’s books. 

More posts, allegedly from Meachen’s daughter, came out, where she talked further about the bullying her mother had faced. She then announced that she would be publishing Meachen’s final book.

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The book was purchased by friends and colleagues as authors, who promoted it through their pages and held fundraisers and auctions for bullying prevention. For two years, everyone believed Meachen was dead—until she revealed it was all a lie. 

Meachen Returns To Social Media: ‘Let The Fun Begin’

“I debated on how to do this a million times and still not sure if it’s right or not,” Meachen wrote this in a post to Facebook. She continued to claim that her family was behind the suicide hoax, and she said this because she had attempted suicide.

“Returning to [social media] doesn’t mean much but I am in a good place now and I am hoping to write again,”She wrote. “Let the fun begin.” 

The post quickly became viral and upset readers and authors who mourned Meachen’s loss were outraged by her use of that word. “fun.”

Samantha A. Cole, a fellow author and online friend of Meachen, shared that she felt guilty she hadn’t done more for Meachen following the alleged suicide and was even personally harassed by people who claimed she was one of Meachen’s bullies. 

“This tore the book community apart when everyone started pointing fingers at people who allegedly bullied her,” Cole. “To have it end up being a hoax that was dragged out for almost two and a half years is a slap in the face to anyone who ever supported her.”

Meachen did not make any comments about her. “resurrection,”Kasey hill, however, is her editor Refuted the claimsFans and friends contributed money to funeral expenses.

Whether this truly was an attempt by Meachen’s family to remove her from a toxic social media environment, or just a way to sell more books, Meachen’s return from the dead has rocked the literature world—and not in a good way.

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