Authorities Find Man Who Led into U.S. Capitol Barrier Barrier and Shot Himself


Early Sunday morning, a chaotic scene unfolded at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. 

Police told the Associated Press 29-year-old Richard A. York III  rammed his car into a barrier on East Capitol Street. He started shooting shots at the air shortly after the car went up in flames. It was over when the man killed himself. 

Nobody was hurt.

Authorities deny that the man intended to target Congress members who were on summer vacation, but they say that it was not his intention.

Capitol police claim that the man is from Delaware. They say that it is not clear why the man did it or why he chose this location. Capitol police are looking into York’s background, while Washington D.C.’s Metropolitan Police handle his death investigation.

This is more than a year ago after the January 6th 2021 rebellion. Federal investigators are focusing on highly classified documents. Former President Donald Trump was reportedly expelled from the White House and taken to his Mar-a-Lago estate, Florida. 

Thousands of people who falsely believed the 2020 presidential election win was stolen away from Trump stormed the capitol, threatened lawmakers and said they’d intended to kill then Vice President Mike Pence for certifying the election results that had been verified several times.