Authorities say Gayle Stewart, a missing Nevada woman found stranded on Steep Slope by Gayle Stewart, has disappeared again.


Authorities said that a missing woman from Nevada, who was discovered clinging to a tree at the top of a steep slope, has vanished again.

Gayle Stewart (64), was reported missing on March 14, one month after her disappearance in February. The National Park Service released a statement. Searchers have been scouring Lake Mead National Recreation Area, where the Reno woman was taking photographs, the park service said.

The statement stated that she last was seen in a black, long-sleeved shirt, dark shoes and black leggings. She has blonde hair, blue eyes and is 5 feet, 8 inches tall, investigators said. Stewart, who has been missing for 10 days, did not return to her car in the Bypass Bridge parking area in southeastern Nevada, near Hoover Dam. Stewart is approximately 475 mi away.

“She did not have her phone or any identification on her at the time,”According to the park service. 

When she failed to return from a hike, the grandmother was reported as missing in Reno. According to authorities, she was found hours later by a close friend of her son. Mathew Stewart and his friends joined searchers in the woods near Alum Creek, a popular area for hikers along the Truckee River, near downtown Reno.

“A friend of the son found her injured and stranded on a steep slope,”Reno Fire Department assisted in search-and-rescue operations and helped to extract the woman. Statement Feb. 15.

Rescuers staged an a “miraculous”Authorities announced that the woman was recovered from her cold and dehydrated condition. She had fallen and injured herself and managed to hang on to the tree for several hours. Searchers formed a human chain to ferry Stewart from the sheer and slippery terrain.

It was “actually kind of a miracle story,”Reno Fire Department Battalion chief Seth Williams, said KOLO-TV in that moment. “The son called up some friends to start searching for her and one of the boys just decided to head off this cliff thinking maybe she fell down there and found her clinging to a tree. He said that the last thing she had said was ‘help’ and then didn’t talk anymore.“

Mathew Stewart’s son posted on his Facebook page Sunday. “The smile I have is yours. You showed me the power of positivity. You taught me how to be happy and grew me into a man. My heart aches.”

The son posted on March 17. “Mom. Wherever you are I hope you are not in pain and you have found your peace. You were the sweetest person I ever knew. You raised me and helped me become who I am today. Your fun loving spirit and positive outlook on the world is something to be admired. I will always remember all the fun we had together. Love you always!”

Mathew Stewart did not respond to an interview request that Inside Edition Digital sent him Wednesday.


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