Awards Gossip: Reese Witherspoon’s Emmy Nomination Seems to Have Ended Jennifer Aniston Friendship


Is it? Reese WitherspoonGet upset Jennifer Aniston? According to one report the Emmy Awards has brought this friendship close to collapse. Let’s look into any animosity between Morning Show stars to learn if there’s anything to this.

‘Jen & Reese: Emmys Feud!’

Witherspoon was recognized by the Emmy Awards in 2022 as a nominee for her work on the Morning ShowAniston was not mentioned. According to Star, Aniston’s snub had fractured an already damaged friendship. “Jen’s camo is privately briefing people that she wasn’t trying to get a nomination this year and is happy for Reese,”A source said, “but she’s fuming privately and very embarrassed.”

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Since Witherspoon & Aniston started working together, Morning ShowTheir friendship reportedly barely survived. The FriendsIt seems that co-stars rarely interact on set anymore. The insider says, “It’s telling that Jen’s friends are saying Zendaya is a lock to win. It smells like sour grapes.

How does Jennifer Aniston fare?

Jennifer Aniston sent Reese Witherspoon a beautiful birthday message back in March. Aniston includes photos from their many decades of marriage. “I LOVE YOU, you sweet ray of sunshine. Let the love pour in!”

Do you think these words sound like an enemy’s? We also know that Aniston, Witherspoon and other actors will return for the third season.The Morning Show. If you don’t like your co-star, why sign up for season 2 or 3? The story doesn’t add up. Furthermore, why would this tabloid vaguely point toward Aniston’s friends without naming them? Who’s pulling for Zendaya? It’s vague because true friends would never speak to each other. Star.

The telling phrase is hidden within the article “Jen’s rep denies Star’s story.” That’s right: Someone with immediate access to Aniston says this story is bogus, but the tabloid thought it knew better. 

It’s true that Aniston was snubbed at the Emmys this year. It’s also true that she’s already won once for FriendsSeven other nominations have been made. She’s also got a Golden Globe and is one of the most successful actresses of her generation. She’s going to be fine. Witherspoon’s got an Emmy as well and an Academy Award to boot. Both are worthy of an award.

A tired narrative

StarAniston is always a target It still maintains that she’s dating Brad Pitt, which is absurd. We also busted its story about Aniston suffering a breakdown because she couldn’t handle the pressure of The Morning Show. She’s handling it perfectly well heading into the third season.

We’ve seen too many stories to count which use the Morning ShowStories about beef between Witherspoons and Aniston. Two friends who are close to each other collaborate on an award-winning project and they sure seem to have a lot of fun. The whole thing is false.

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