Ayden Mayeri, Roy Wood Jr. and Ayden Maieri Discuss ‘Lethal Weapon Influences’ and Jon Hamm’s ‘Twiddling Toes’ During ‘Confessing, Fletch”s Showtime Debut (Exclusive).


Confess or FletchIt is now available on Showtime as one of the 2022’s most memorable comedy movies. PopCulture.com got to talk with Roy Wood Jr. and Ayden Maieri before the film was released. They play Monroe and Griz respectively, police detectives. The pair discussed their approaches to being investigators and how they differ from the original. Lethal WeaponThe movie had an impact on me. Jon Hamm (Fletch), was twitching his toes.

When asked about prepping for his character, who is much drier than the comedian-turned-actor is in real life, Wood revealed that he watched Danny Glover’s performance in Lethal WeaponHelp capture the “tone”He was in dire need. “My character is very much Lethal Weapon 1, Danny Glover, Sergeant Murtaugh. ‘I’m too old. I’m too tired. What do you want? What is it now? I just want to sleep.’ And I think from that is where the comedy comes from. And so when you look at comedy, to some degree, comedy can be, oh, the crazy joke or the crazy gag and you fall.”

Wood continued, “But it also can be knowing that this character just wants a thing, and every time he tries to get it, here comes Fletch or his annoying-ass rookie partner throwing a wrench in his day. That becomes the joke. That’s a nod to the writing. Now, you get into Zev Borow who co-wrote with our director Greg Mottola. So now, as an actor, I can just trust the words, man. We can source material off a book. We’re not picking something up from scratch. Why am I working so hard? So it just became something where I was a little bit more chill.”

Mayeri was open about her prep work. “I tried to stay away from watching any cop stuff just because I felt like I hadn’t seen my character represented really in cop media, and I really wanted to tap into that kind of nervous energy of just trying to prove yourself, trying to get validation, wanting to do something that’s good for the world, and maybe having a little naivete about how things really work. And that’s also not hard for me to tap into. It is ever-present.”

Although the film’s humor may be a little subdued at times, the couple revealed that it was not easy to maintain a straight face during filming. For example, Hamm took off his shoes and went completely barefoot while sitting across Wood. “The first time I saw Jon Hamm’s feet,”He laughed. “I was like, ‘All right… How long his feet got to be out?'”The wood was then shaved. “I’m like, is this covered under the intimacy coordinator nudity thing? Do I feel comfortable…? His feet, he’s just got his feet out and he’s putting them on the desk…”

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Wood shared with us how Hamm, while holding a baby, put his feet on the desk as instructed. “You read the script and it’s just ‘feet on desk.’ Okay, cool. Do my line, feet on the desk.”Then, a moment came up that was completely unplanned.”He’s twiddling his toes!”Wood exclaimed, and Mayeri laughed. “The toe twiddling!”

“You’re trying to do your line and it’s just… Big toe. Just one toe. He would just do one toe,” Wood continued. Mayeri also added, “Also, watching Roy be mad at Jon and his feet while a baby is sleeping on Roy, it’s impossible to keep a straight face.” 

Wood replied, “But that’s the little quirk and nuance that’s comedic improv, that’s not in the script, that Jon Hamm brilliantly finds and that Ayden and I have to challenge ourselves to not laugh at and ruin the shot. So it really is just the subtlety of that. You don’t need a big gag in that moment. You just need, ‘We’re trying to have a serious conversation about a murder. Why is your big toe twitching?'” Confess or FletchShowtime is now available on Showtime. It also includes the Showtime Anytime app, and the Showtime addon through Paramount+.

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