Azaylia Cain’s mother says Mother’s Day is torture after her baby’s death


Safiyya vorajee, who lost Azaylia, her daughter, to her partner Ashley Cain, said that her world is now. “smashed to pieces”

The mother of Azaylia Cain, the tragic child, has admitted that she was left in tears during Mother’s Day.

Safiyya vorajee shared her adorable little girl with Ashley Cain, her partner on Ex on the Beach.

At eight months old, little Azaylia died tragically.

At eight weeks old, she was diagnosed as having acute myeloidleukaemia. After fighting bravely, she lost her battle in April 2013.

Safiyaa (33), opens up about the difficult time that Mother’s Day is.

It can be difficult just to go to the shops, see all the gift cards and talk with people about their day.

She wrote this on her Instagram story “Scrolling through my Insta walking past shops hearing people talking about Mothers Day brings so much pain to my body.

“Yesterday I just went to buy some aloe vera gel & couldn’t hold back the tears in a shop

“When times like this are approaching I end up feeling really uncomfortable

“Last year was the best Mothers Day for me and my princess

“I miss you so much even though I may be trying to carry on in this world I feel like my world is smashed to pieces”.

She shared a post that reminded people to remember mothers who have lost children.

It read: “Please don’t forget the Mothers with empty arms this Mothering Sunday”.

Safiyya also shared a video with Azalyia’s cuddly toys and wrote: “I find it so hard mummy loves you so much”.

Ashley and Safiyya started a charity to honor their daughter. The Azaylia Cain Foundation supports families and provides unforgettable experiences for children battling cancer.

Safiyya also helps others through her book, Loving & Losing You Azaylia. It will be released next month.

She shared it with her fans and wrote: “This is a project so close to my heart

“I have been working for a while on a book to tell my story and to honor my little hero Azaylia. The finished cover is finally here and I couldn’t be prouder!

“I can’t wait for you to read it when it comes out in April”

The cover features a gorgeous photograph of Safiya kissing Azaylia. It also includes the tag line: “My inspirational daughter and our unbreakable bond”.