Baby born on Qatar Airways Flight ‘Miracle Aisha,’ after the Canadian Doctor who delivered her


A Canadian doctor helped a woman deliver her baby in the most unlikely of places: aboard a Qatar Airways flight 35,000 feet above ground. Dr. Anita Khatib stated that she was traveling to Entebbe (Uganda) for a work assignment. Mid-flight, a woman gave birth. She was then called to help.

“I look down and I see this woman lying on the seat with her head towards the aisle and her feet towards the window, and this baby’s coming out,”Khatib shared Inside Edition Digital. “It was not what I was expecting at all.”

Khatib, who specializes in travel medicine, had been on the overnight flight last month when, about an hour after take-off, she heard a message over the intercom system that explained there was a medical emergency and asked if there was a doctor onboard.

She believed that a passenger might have had a heart attack and she introduced herself to the flight attendants.

“I didn’t know anything about the woman. I didn’t know anything about the history. I didn’t know how we got to this point,”She remembered. “So I pretty much jumped right in.”

She was soon assisting two other passengers: a pediatric nurse as well as an oncology nursing nurse.

“I’m thinking, ‘We need clamps. We need scissors. If we don’t have clamps, I need shoelaces.’ I’m thinking, ‘I need hot water.’ I’m thinking, ‘Wait, no, I don’t need hot water,’ but they always ask for it in the movies,”Khatib laughed. “All these things are kind of going through my head like, ‘What do I need to make sure we can deliver this baby safely?’”

She explained that there are many possible outcomes in these situations, but the baby was delivered healthy and Khatib notified her that she was also in good health.

The baby’s mom, a migrant worker from Uganda, had not received any prenatal healthcare and had no idea the baby would be coming so soon, Khatib explained. At first, she believed she was sick. However, a flight attendant informed her that she could be in labor.

“After they were stable, we moved them up into the business class area, cleaned them up, had a little bit more space, and were able to get mom latched and breastfeeding and skin-to-skin with baby,”Khatib stated. “We monitored her for the rest of the flight, and the baby, and they did well, which was great.”

Miracle Aisha was the name that the mom chose to give her baby after the doctor who gave birth on the plane.

“I just happened to have a necklace that had my name on it, which was a little gold necklace said ‘Aisha’ in Arabic, and so of course I had to give her my namesake, so she remembered the doctor that delivered her up in the air, 35,000 feet, while flying over the Nile,”She said.

Khatib said she and Miracle Aisha’s mom have been in contact since, and she is happy to announce that the pair are still doing well.