‘Baby Boy’ Star Shocks Internet With Intimate Bedroom Revelation


A.J. Johnson is opening up about how she rang in her 50th birthday. The 58-year-old actress, most known for her role as Juanita alongside Tyrese in the John Singleton directed classic Baby Boy, revealed during an appearance on The Breakfast Club co-host Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast that she had a threesome with two male friends. Johnson said it was the “best” half a century birthday present she could give herself, joking that it was a “happy birthday to me.” During the episode, the topic of threesome expectations came up and a discussion about whether or not heterosexual couples would involve one man and two women–but Johnson explained that she had a different experience, giving the details about her “doing the salsa with two guys at the same time” regarding what is typically a taboo subject.

“It was never like, them together. They were like – they were flip-flopping me,” Johnson said. “One would please me then he’d pass me to the other. And one would kiss me and then he would spin me around for the other. It was like a beautiful dance.” She added, “It was like doing the salsa with two guys at the same time. Just like, romantic and sexy and never intertwined but at the same time, it was two.”

Despite how uncomfortable it may appear for some men, Johnson said it wasn’t awkward at all for any party involved. She said the next day, the three had breakfast, and they were like “The Three Musketeers.”

And for anyone who may find her being so open about her experience, she’s not shying away from it. She’s actually letting others know they shouldn’t be ashamed in a recent Instagram post while encouraging others to try it out for themselves if they chose to. “Oooooweeee!! I’m LOVING that we are talking about it,” she captioned a video clip of her appearance on the show. “My sisters…DO YOU!! Please don’t wait til YOU’RE 50 to not care what people say. My brothers- be careful judging her…what’s new for you may not be a no- It may just be what she’s missing. The REAL flex is to not let fear lead.”