Backlash for Awkward Photos of William and Kate with Jamaican Locals


Royal couple Prince William Kate MiddletonThe couple recently traveled to Jamaica as part their Caribbean tour. The normally scandal-free royals are making waves. The internet is shaming the Duke and Duchess for their photo-op in Jamaica. “tone-deaf.”

Protests have taken place in Jamaica, Belize, and Barbados, which broke off ties with Britain in November, voted in their first president. Sources close enough to William and Kate tell usThe couple is aware that tensions exist, but some are questioning whether they really understand the nation’s concerns. 

Internet Slams Royal Couple ‘Tone-Deaf’Photo Op

The pictures show the Duke and Duchess greeting Jamaicans, just as they would do for other countries and cities they visit. These photos show the royal couple separated from the crowds by the chain-link fence.  

“Why did they think this was a good look?”Someone tweeted. Another person criticized the couple for their photo-op, writing: “At what point, ever, did William and Kate think their recent photos were acceptable to a modern era?  I know we “miss”Prince Philip and his outbursts but, seriously, meeting children behind a chain link fence?  Are you hiding from people?  Jesus wept, unnatural tone-deafness.”

The Other Side of The Story

There are always two sides to any story. Chris Ship, an ITV NEWS Roval editor, shared some context with the photos. “Can we insert some sense (and facts) into this fence photo in Trench Town?”He tweeted. “There was a fence around the football pitch. People gathered to watch the match with @sterling7 William and Kate went to say hello Just as they also said hello to crowds in the street End of story. Move on.”

Ship posted photos showing William and Middleton greeting people outside the fence. While it’s extremely unlikely the royal couple had any ill intent by shaking hands with crowds through the fence, it is awkward, especially as some of the countries they’re visiting are working to break things off with the royals. 

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