Backstreet Boys Nick Carter’s Rape Allegation leads to a Pulled Christmas Special


Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter is facing a rape allegation after a new lawsuit alleges he raped a 17-year-old on a tour bus in 2001.

Shay Ruth is an autistic girl with cerebral palsy who claimed in the lawsuit Carter invited her back on his tour bus after a concert she attended in Tacoma, Washington. She claimed that he gave her the gift of a ride on his tour bus. “a funny-tasting beverage he called VIP juice,” before pushing her on a bed and raping her,” according to the lawsuit.

“The last 21 years, I’ve been filled with pain, confusion, frustration, shame and self-harm that are a direct result of Nick Carter raping me,”Ruth spoke at a press conference.

Ruth stated that Carter was 21 years older than her at the time.

“After he raped me, I remember him calling me a r*****ed bitch and grabbing me and leaving bruises on my arm,”She said so in the statement. “Carter took away my childhood and innocence but he cannot and will not take away my strength or my truth.”

Now, a Backstreet Boys Christmas special, which was set to air next week on ABC, is being pulled by the network. The holiday special was set to feature special guests like Seth Rogen, Meghan Trainor, Rob Riggle and Nikki Glaser in addition to Carter and his bandmates Kevin Richardson, AJ McLean, Brian Littrell and Howie Dorough.

The allegations also come just weeks after Carter’s younger brother, teen pop star Aaron Carter, was found dead in his bathtub.

Carter denies the allegation. “This claim … is not only legally meritless but also entirely untrue … which we have no doubt the courts will quickly realize,” his attorney said.

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