Badly injured parachute jumper is rescued from Canadian mountain after chute closes


A parachute jumper who had been hanging from a rock outcropping for hours was badly hurt and was saved by rescuers from Canada’s Mount Everest.

After a BASE jumper fell into Mount Rundle in Alberta, his chute didn’t open properly, authorities stated that they summoned first responders to the scene. The man was left with a twisted parachute that had become stuck on a rock. “hanging by a thread,”A rescuer stated.

“He was just hanging from a thread, literally. He was there for 3½ hours without falling, but we were certainly worried he might,”Jeremy Mackenzie, a Kananaskis Country public safety specialist, said that the Calgary Herald reported.

Unidentified man believed to be in his 40s “cartwheeled”Mackenzie stated that Mackenzie fell into the mountain face after his chute failed to open. He was left hanging over 600 feet above ground. The impact caused a fracture to the leg and arm of the jumper.

He was able to signal for rescuers.

“He was in and out of consciousness but able to yell to his friend up on top of the mountain and wave his arms at us,” Mackenzie said.

BASE jumping is an extreme sport that entails parachuting from a place on the ground instead of the sky. It stands for buildings, antennae and spans (bridges), as well as earth.

Rescuers were able to reach him by rappelling down the mountain to secure him to a flight helmet. The jumper was taken to hospital by helicopter.