Bailey McConnell, BGT’s Bailey McConnell, looks totally different eight years after her audition as a teenager


Bailey McConnell impressed Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden, and David Walliams with his first audition on Britain’s Got Talent.

He later impressed Simon Cowell, his boss, but he wasn’t there for his audition the first day. However, he made it through to the live shows, and won the hearts of viewers at home.

Bailey didn’t win the show but he did build a career in music. His Semi Final song Growing Pains was a hit with 1.5 million people.

He continued to release tracks online, but soon after the stint with BGT, he gradually stopped posting to his YouTube channel.

Silver Screen Beat examines Bailey’s current activities as we approach eight years since he first stepped on the iconic ITV screens.


Bailey looks incredibly different compared to his audition
Bailey is so much different from his audition

Bailey, now in his 20s is quite a different person than the young man we saw on the stage as he tried to impress the judges.

He still has his signature blonde hair, a slight quiff and is very different from the rest of us.

Bailey has added facial hair and his own unique style.

He has also revealed that he has tattooed on his back strong wings floating out of his neck.

Bailey hasn’t posted many photos of himself on Instagram but it’s evident that he doesn’t look too different. However, his goals are the same. There are multiple pictures of Bailey sitting in the studio, which have been shared online.


Bailey often reflects on his time from the ITV show
Bailey often thinks back to his time on the ITV show.

Bailey doesn’t shy from celebrating his success on BGT. His Instagram and TikTok bios both say so. “That kid off the TV…”It was as if it were a constant reminder.

He has also chosen duets with TikTok users where he recites his audition word-for-word. Just last month, he posted an Instagram picture of him as a direct comparison.

Bailey posted two photos side by side and shared one of his teenage self in the forest. He also shared it with another photo of him now with the throwback shot from his debut song.

Captioning the photo he wrote: “Time is a scary thing,”This was quickly met with support from his friends.

One person wrote: “Wow. The growth,”And another said: “Growth is key.”

Social media silence

Bailey stopped posting on social media for a short while following his initial success
After his initial success, Bailey briefly stopped posting to social media.

Bailey began to abandon social media for a short time, as he transitioned from his teenage self into his new age of music.

His profile disparity shows that he is leading a crowd of hundreds at concerts. Fans begged for him to perform live. The majority of his Instagram photos show this from 2014-2016.

He posted again in 2018 after that, before his photos became less frequent.

He’s been working hard to improve his photos over the past few months. He shared the news with his followers, saying that he is back in business and that he is ready and willing to go.

Music new

Bailey is gearing up to release new music
Bailey is preparing to release new music

Fans are excited to hear from Bailey now that he is back on social media and posting frequently once again. They can see it in their excitement through his posts.

Bailey has been releasing new songs – his first in many years. His latest single Scars is out now. The star has posted it to his Instagram.

While he hasn’t revealed anything yet about his next track, he did hint that he was thinking of it. “Got something coming”For his loyal fans.

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