Barbra Streisand Claims to Have Broken Up With Jane Fonda.


Are you old friends? Jane Fonda Barbra StreisandAre you on the outside? According to one report, Fonda is furious at Streisand for some recent comments. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Jane Ain’t Fonda Straisand’s Barbs’

The GlobeFonda and Streisand are now enemies. Streisand supposedly keeps telling everyone who will listen that she’s responsible for Fonda’s career. “It rattles Jane’s nerves to hear Barbra talk about how SHE made Jane’s career,”According to a source, “all because she turned down Klute, They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?, and Julia.”Fonda’s rejections opened the door to accepting those roles and earning acclaim.

Fonda believes that Streisand should mind her own business. She criticized Streisand for her barbs in a 2020 interview with Andy Cohen “You have to feel sorry for her. It’s been a tough life. She needs something to boost her up.” Another source of conflict stems from Fonda’s inability to stay married.

An insider says Streisand “feels sorry for Jane because she seems so lonely like she can’t get a man.” Fonda reportedly just thinks Streisand is bitter because of Fonda’s good looks. Source: “When they were younger, Jane was the sexy one and Barbra had ugly duckling insecurities.”

What’s Going On With Fonda And Streisand?

This is a classic story. Barbra Streisand and Jane Fonda have not spoken to one another in many years. It’s important to note that Streisand’s comments stemStarting in 2016 New York Times interview. Interview. GlobeRemoves very important words from your sentence: “Ms. Streisand says, in a deadpan aside, ‘I made Jane Fonda’s career.’”It was a joke.

Andy Cohen replied to Jane Fonda, and she had also replied. small smile as she jested about Streisand’s lack of success. It’s just two legends making gentle jokes, not anything nearly as serious as this rag would have you believe. This troy spends the rest of the time attacking Fonda for her divorces, and calling Streisand ugly. That should tell you everything you need to know about this tabloid’s integrity.

Toxic Barbra Streisand Tales

It is not the first time this has happened. Globehatched an attack on Streisand. It was once reported that she was obsessed by Eminem. A person in Streisand’s camp told Gossip CopThis was the end of the story. “total BS.” It’s also attacked her marriage to James Brolin numerous times, going so far as to say Streisand Streisand loved her dogs more than her husband. Brolin and Streisand still live happily together, so this outlet has no insight.

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