Barbra Streisand’s 80th Birthday Allegedly Overshadowed By Fights With James Brolin Over Her Career, Dubious Report Claims


Did Barbra StreisandSpend 80th Birthday fighting with her husband James Brolin? One tabloid reports that Streisand has been at odds with Brolin throughout her career. Let’s check in on the Hollywood legends.

Streisand’s Birthday ‘Overshadowed By Scandal’?

This week Woman’s Day reports Barbra Streisand is at a crossroads, and it’s starting to put stress on her marriage. The iconic singer was offered a $300 million Las Vegas residency after her 80th birthday. But sources say that Streisand’s infamous stage fright has made her wary. And apparently, James Brolin is getting fed up with his wife’s indecisiveness.

“It’s not about money, they have plenty of that, although she does get a kick out of making records, with the records coming out of Vegas. But for James it’s about Barbra’s legacy and her lifelong fans,”An insider’s view. “The looming Vegas deal has only put further strain on her marriage.”

Vegas ‘Putting Pressure’ On Barbra Streisand?

There’s a lot to unpack here. First of all, we weren’t able to find any credible reports to back this alleged $300 million Las Vegas residency offer. This rumor seems to have originated in an earlier edition of The Globe—a notoriously disreputable tabloid that we’ve confronted countless times over its Streisand rumors. We are finding it difficult to take this rumor seriously, as there is virtually no evidence supporting it.

Then there’s the matter of Streisand’s stage fright. The singer admitted in the past that stage fright is something she has struggled with. In fact, the singer didn’t perform for 27 years because of her anxiety. But in a 2018 appearance on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, Streisand revealed that her nerves aren’t what’s holding her backThese days, she is not able to perform on the stage. In fact, she just doesn’t get the same thrill out of performing that she used to. “I don’t enjoy it,”Streisand admitted. “I just don’t want to disappoint people.”

So while Streisand will surely pop up for a performance here and there, we’re assuming that a months-long Vegas residency that would have her performing almost every single night is off of the table. As for her relationship with James Brolin, we couldn’t find any evidence to support this alleged “strain”Their marriage. Actually, it was just last year Brolin shared that Brolin was happy after 23 years of marriageStreisand and he were “better than ever.”

The Magazine on Other Famous Marries

It looks like Woman’s Day gets a kick out of casting doubt on celebrities’ marriages. Not too long ago, the outlet reported Jessica Alba’s husband was sick of her getting close to her male co-stars. The magazine also claimed George Clooney was fighting Amal Clooney over his political career. Multiple times, the magazine claimed that Nicole Kidman or Keith Urban were in trouble. Obviously, Woman’s Day doesn’t really have the inside scoop on celebrity relationships that it pretends to.