Barry Morphew is Dismissed by Judge. He was accused of murdering his wife, Suzanne.


Barry Morphew was cleared by a judge in Colorado. He is charged with the murder of his wife Suzanne. Suzanne went on a bike ride on Mother’s Day 2020 but never returned home.

Linda Stanley, 11th Judicial District Attorney filed on Tuesday a motion “dismiss without prejudice,”Prosecutors could also file additional charges later.

Due to widespread media coverage, the highly publicized case was moved from Chaffee County where the couple lived to Fremont County. 

Prosecutors had previously accused Barry Morphew, 52, of shooting his wife with a tranquilizer dart before killing her. He was Arrest on May 5, 2021, and charged with murder after deliberation, tampering with physical evidence and attempting to influence a public servant. He had pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Andrew Moorman, Suzanne Morphew’s brother, told CBS Denver that he supported the motion to dismiss. 

“I’m OK with what happened today,”Moorman stated. “I’m all about finding Suzanne. I just want closure for my family.”

“They absolutely dismissed this case at this point because they knew they were going to lose this trial,”Iris Eytan, Barry Morphew’s defense lawyer, said it. “And Mr. Morphew was going to be acquitted and exonerated,”Outside the courthouse, he spoke out to local reporters.

When approached outside the courthouse after the hearing, the prosecution declined to comment.

The trial was set to begin next week.

According to prosecutors, investigators were near to finding Suzanne’s body but had to wait for heavy snow to melt in the area. Prosecutors stated that authorities would not be capable of concluding their searches by the trial date due to weather and snow conditions.

Morphew insistently denied any involvement and stated that he was only 150 miles away from Denver when his wife disappeared.


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