Basketball Game: The Story Behind the Dust-Covered Coal Miner


Even more touching than the photo itself is the story behind it.  

A little boy sat next a man who was covered in dust from head to toe at a Kentucky Wildcats basketball match. The man, 29-year-old Michael McGuire, is a coal miner, and the game was his son’s first, so he made it his mission to make it to that game, no matter what.  

McGuire works 10 hours a day, six days a week, and his demanding schedule meant he didn’t have enough time to shower and make it to the start of the game. But he didn’t want to miss one minute with 3-year-old Easton, so he chose quality time with his son over comfort.  

John Calipari, Wildcats coach, was so impressed by the shot that he shared it online.  

“I appreciate it, because it’s how my family got their start in this country,”He said.  

The image quickly became viral.  

“That is pure love there,”One commenter wrote.  

“This guy is what a real ‘hero’ looks like,”A different person wrote. 

Calipari also said to McGuires that he wanted them to be his VIP guest at a upcoming home match. 

“Isn’t it neat for someone like that, who’s a quiet humble guy, to know people appreciate you?”Calipari stated.


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