BBC Breakfast is frozen as Sally Nugent’s backstage flirtation with Jon Kay exposes


BBC Breakfast tensions erupted on Wednesday, June 15, when Sally Nugent refused permission to go for lunch at Jon Kay’s place.

The pair were heading up the show and discussing the paper headlines of the day when Jon brought forward an article on a 30 course lunch in Wales, which cost £350.

Jon explained how he raised the news. “This story in The Telegraph today, it’s a lot of money and a lot of time for a meal. 350 quid, 30 courses… over five hours.”

“No! What?”Sally said it to him.

Jon replied: “I know! This is a restaurant called Ynyshir in North Wales on the edge of Snowdonia. It includes… there’s no time to go through the whole menu, I don’t think, but it goes from something called Not French Onion, lobster, shrimp, prawns…”

Sally left Jon unsatisfied

Sally told him: “I hope it’s like one shrimp, one prawn. You’d be so full! You couldn’t possibly!”

Jon looked at his star hopefully and offered: “Lunch?”

Sally ignored the question and then she responded: “That’s like lunch for three weeks, isn’t it?”

Jon, a sad man, could be heard asking: “No?”Sally moved the conversation to another article in the background, as she was working behind the scenes.

The hosts might not be going to Ynyshir to have lunch, as the restaurant does not cater to any dietary needs. “unique dining experience.”

It has received two Michelin stars and five AAA rosettes.

Jon admits that Jon and the hosts were both “fatigued”After the show began at 6 am.

Sally shared these words when she spoke about the recent England-Hungary football match, in which England lost 4-0. “Fatigue was a recent issue, I think perhaps.”

Jon quizzed her: “What, for us?”Sally joked that: “Yeah, for the fans… no, for the players!”

Jon replied with a chuckle: “It’s 18 minutes past six, of course we’re fatigued!”

Jon had to apologize on-air for his mistake at 6:30 in the morning. “It’s coming up to half-past eight… six! Sorry.”

After looking embarrassed, Jon quickly made a quick correction and joked with viewers to not panic – in case they were worried about being late for work or dropping the kids off at school.

Sally clearly saw the humor in the mistake and laughed alongside Jon – Jon even managed to crack a smile.

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