BBC Breakfast’s Charlie Stayt’s family life: 27-year marriage, children, and net worth


Although Charlie Stayt is a familiar face in the UK, the BBC presenter has kept his profile low over the years.

He has avoided social media and kept most of his private life private. Naga Munchetty, co-presenter at BBC Breakfast, will only be able to get some insight into his family life.

He has a remarkable career as well as a fulfilling home life. This is what he does best: he succeeds on and off the camera.

Although rumors have circulated that Charlie and his wife may have split over the years, Charlie and his wife are happily married and have children together.

Who is Charlie Stayt married?

Charlie Stayt is married to Anne Francis Brickell
Charlie Stayt has been married to Anne Francis Brickell

Charlie married Anne Francis Brickell, in 1995. They are still married to this day.

Their relationship seems to be strong even after 27 years of marriage.

Although little is known about his spouse, it is believed that she is a global manager.

Is Charlie Stayt married?

Charlie and Anne have 2 children together. The family of 4 lives in London.

He has two children, Phoebe Senara (24 years old) and Jake Hamilton (21 years). They are both very shy around cameras.

Was Charlie Stayt with Susanna Reid a date?

There were unsubstantiated rumours Charlie and Susanna dated
Unsubstantiated rumours that Charlie and Susanna were dated also circulated

There have been rumors over the years that Charlie and Susanna Reid had been dating.

The allegations proved to be unfounded, however, since neither of the presenters spoke out about the situation.

It seems that the two are close friends, with Susanna recently confessing that he is responsible for her addiction to candles.

During a conversation on Good Morning Britain she confessed that she loves to read. “splurge”Add: “I cannot get enough of candles.

“I’ve got an addiction after BBC Breakfast presenter Charlie Stayt bought me one.”

What is Charlie Stayt’s net worth?

Anne Francis Brickell’s net worth remains unknown, but according to, Charlie is worth an estimated $2million (£1.65 million).

According to the BBC salary report, Charlie earns a whopping £190,000 a year for presenting BBC Breakfast, a shade higher than his former co-host Louise Minchin’s £185,000.

This isn’t as high as Dan Walker, who recently also left the BBC to join Channel 5, as it was revealed he was earning a massive £295,000.