BBC Breakfast’s Naga Muddetty was criticized by her co-star for laughing during a segment


BBC Breakfast’s Naga Mungetty was told off by Mike Bushell because he laughed after a segment that went wrong.

Things got out of control in the BBC studio when Mike Bushell, a BBC sports presenter tried to bring the latest news on sports to viewers on Thursday’s broadcast (January 21).

Mike was trying to inform the nation about the latest Ashes news, after the men’s England cricket team lost to Australia earlier in the month.

He soon became distracted by Naga’s noises in the background, which he assumed she was making fun of him.

He called her out, but they jokingly clashed after Naga responded.

naga munchetty
Naga was told off because she laughed during the segment with her co-stars

Mike was saying: “The men are still licking their wounds after their Ashes humiliation..

Stopping his report, he said: “Naga is laughing at that…” before pointing over to where Naga was sitting on the red sofa.

Defending herself, Naga told him: “I am not laughing!”

Mike continued: “I was sniggering at you”

Munchetty explained: “I kicked my foot, and my foot was hurt.”

Realising this, Mike said: “Sorry, …”

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