BBC Casualty lovers adore Dylan and Paula’s sweet relationship


Casualty fans are in awe of Dylan and Paula’s warm bond, as Rosie Jones, Last Leg’s comedian, returns to the popular medical drama.

Rosie Jones, comedian and actress, plays Paula Kettering on the BBC’s popular soap opera. She returned to her role on Saturday (April 2).

Rosie was cast as Casualty’s February 2021 addition and has been a hit with viewers ever since.

Fans were quick to love Paula’s sweet relationship to consultant Dylan Keogh on Saturday, when she was back in her role.

Casualty’s fans were quick on Twitter to talk about this week’s episode. They were happy to share their love for the sweet couple that was clearly shown throughout.

Dylan Keogh
The sweet relationship Dylan Keogh and Paula Kettering share is loved by their fans

“The dynamic between Dylan and Paula is SO good! #casualty,”One viewer was penned.

A second: “Dylan is so nice to Paula #Casualty.”

“I love this side of him #Casualty,”A second person posted a brief clip of the consultant.

The fourth: “We love Dylan #Casualty.”

Tonight’s Casualty Dylan saw Paula screaming at a pharmacist. He then consoled her and finally wrote her her prescription.

Rosie Jones
Rosie Jones plays the role of Paula Kettering

Paula met Ellen while Dylan was away for a brief time. She used to drink with Ellen.

Ellen suffered from a severe burn and needed to be treated. Paula assisted Ellen’s friend in getting help. Paula also decided to keep Ellen’s vodka bottle safe so that she wouldn’t get into any trouble.

Dylan saw what was happening and took a look at the vodka before assuming the worst and asking Paula to go.

Rosie Jones
Rosie joined 2021’s cast of the medical drama

Rosie, who plays Paula in the movie, spoke to us recently is what she said “Paula’s not perfect. She has flaws, she’s stubborn, the story is showing that disabled people can be three… well they are always three-dimensional.

“It was an honor to play Paula, because it meant that I could show the millions of disabled people, who, like Paula, are often overlooked and treated poorly by the government and the services.”

Casualty airs every Saturday at 8:35pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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