BBC Holby City Jac Nylor star Rosie Marcel talks about her life


Rosie Marcel, Holby City’s star actress, has been playing the role of Jac Naylor, a consultant cardiothoracic surgeon for more than 15 years.

The 45 year-old actress became famous as a toddler and is now one of the BBC’s highest-paid stars.

Rosie, who is not in the photos, is married to Ben Stacey, a gym owner. They have a daughter named Beau.

She holds a black belt from karate, and she previously said that she wanted to be a female stint.

Silver Screen Beat takes a look at Rosie’s life as a person, away from the spotlight, as viewers of BBC One’s medical drama, Jac, prepare to say goodbye.

From a cutie-to-be to a beauty

Jac Naylor Holby City
Rosie Marcel, Holby City star, played Jac Naylor as consultant cardiothoracic surgery for more than 15 year.

Rosie was three years old when she got her first job as a fairy at the National Theatre.

The young star of 1989 was cast as Sophie in Press Gang’s children’s comedy drama.

She played Donna Palmer 10 years later in Days Like These which was set in 1970s.

Rosie was named Jac Naylor in Holby City in November 2005.

She also played Jac on Holby’s sister-series Casualty.

She was previously featured in over 20 episodes of ITV’s police drama The Bill, as Louise Larson.

BAFTA is snubbed

Rosie Marcel
Holby City bosses suggested Rosie’s name to BAFTA consideration

Holby City bosses recommended Rosie to be considered for BAFTA consideration in recognition of her role in a 2019 storyline where Jac had a mental breakdown.

But, she didn’t receive a nomination.

It was revealed in the BBC’s Annual Report for 2016 that Rosie was one of the BBC’s highest-paid stars, with an annual salary for her role in Holby City in the range of £200,000 to £249,000.

She was the highest-paid actress on the series at that time.

Rosie, who had been in the role for 16 years, announced her resignation from the medical series in January 2021. She returned however four months later.

Famous family

Rosie Marcel
The daughter of Terry Marcel, director, and Lindsey Brook actress is the soap star

Rosie is the daughter and director Terry Marcel’s actress Lindsey Brook.

Terry is perhaps best known for the cult-film Hawk the Slayer that he co-created alongside Harry Roberts.

His films include Prisoners of the Lost Universe II and Jane and the Lost City II.

His TV work includes Dark Knight, a fantasy series that updates the Ivanhoe legend and features fantasy trappings.

Terry Marcel
Terry directed Hawk the Slayer, a cult movie.

Linsey was featured in Grange Hill and Undercover Kids, as well as Howards’ Way.

Kelly Marcel, Rosie’s sister, has appeared in The Bill as well as Holby City.

Kelly is most well-known as the executive producer and writer for Terra Nova.

Kelly and Rosie also have a younger brother named Luke.

Racy snaps

Rosie Marcel
Rosie made her fans go wild when she posted a topless selfie to Instagram for charity

Fans went wild when Holby City’s star took to Instagram to post a topless selfie in support of charity.

Rosie was a sassy snapper in August 2020, when she had only Julian Rota’s Animal Trust book to her assets.

After promising the Berkshire branch, National Animal Welfare Trust that she would, she shared the photograph. “do anything”to sell the book for some much-needed cash.

The TV personality was open as she looked seductively into the camera.

Rosie wrote alongside the snap “I promised @nawtuk #Berkshire I’d do anything I could to sell this book to raise some much needed funds and I’ve heard sex sells so.

Rosie Marcel
The actress is not afraid to share racy photos online

“Sorry?!?! Sex only sells if you’re under the age of 25 with rippling muscles and go to your (home) gym four times a day? Awkward. I’ll just get right back into my hoodie then. What a plonker.

“These are difficult times for many charities, and I am serious.

“If you can afford to support #NAWTBerkshire by buying Julian Rota’s new book or simply donating, it would mean everything to them and me.

She concluded : “And if you’re lucky I’m hoping @chris.packham will be doing a similar post soon…… challenge.”

Health problems

Holby City
Rosie, age 20, was diagnosed with endometriosis.

Rosie, who was 20 years old, was diagnosed with endometriosis. It was later discovered that she also had a blood-clotting disorder.

The actress spoke previously about her health: “I was bleeding for about four months then I passed out in the shower and had to be rushed to hospital for an emergency blood transfusion.

“My doctors said I was almost dead. Further tests revealed that I had a blood-clotting problem (the female form of haemophilia).”

Six years later, she suffered further problems when she developed the rare condition Behcet’s disease, an inflammatory disease in which the white blood cells attack healthy cells.

Rosie Marcell
Behcet’s disease, which is a rare condition, caused further problems for the star.

She was almost hospitalized for two years, and then an immunologist diagnosed her condition and prescribed immuno-suppressants.

Rosie couldn’t walk on her own for twelve months during the two-year period. Instead, she relied on two walking sticks.

She was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2008 and had to have laser therapy to remove the cancerous cells.

End of an Era

Rosie Marcel
This Tuesday’s Holby City finale will air

Holby City’s last episode will air on Tuesday, March 29,

After 23 years on the air, it was announced last year that this show would end.

Rosie opened up to Inside Soap about the show’s end. “The whole thing is really upsetting, in all honesty.

“I can’t lie and say that I wasn’t angry about Holby ending without warning, without reprieve or the opportunity to fight.

“For this to happen at a time when we are outperforming our sister shows and EastEnders, it felt like a very big blow to all of us, and it still does.”

On her final day filming on the show, Rosie posted a tribute to Holby City.

Sharing a picture of herself in Jac’s uniform, she wrote: “Last day. I have loved playing Jac Naylor. I have loved being here for 16 years.

“Thank you to everyone at @bbcholbycity as well as all of your beautiful friends and fans.”

The final episode of Holby City airs on BBC One on Tuesday at 7.50pm

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