Becoming Elizabeth Unpacks Elizabeth I’s “Wrong” First Romance


This royal romance will get heads turning

The June 19th episode of Becoming Elizabeth, Princess Elizabeth (Alicia von Rittberg) and Thomas Seymour (Tom CullenLet them know your feelings for each other. This possible pairing is not for you. Thomas is not only married to Elizabeth’s guardian and former stepmother Catherine Parr.Jessica RaineHowever, he is about 20 years younger than the future queen.

The episode opens with Thomas stomping into Elizabeth’s room and taking off her bedsheets. Elizabeth is then seen lying in bed in nothing but a sheer nightgown. Thomas responds bluntly to Elizabeth’s protests by her maid. “I’m to rouse my household.”

These are not the only inappropriate exchanges between them. Thomas seduces Elizabeth and tells the young royal about his declaration of love. “You may well ruin my life, Elizabeth. And I’ll f–king let you, if you’d like to.”

The pair share a passionate kiss, with Thomas proceeding to touch teenage Elizabeth’s privates with his hand.