Belarus leader: “Signals what European country is going to be invaded next?” with map clue


Alexander Lukashenko, the Belarus President, seems to have indicated which European country will be invaded next by posing in front of a map with a subtle hint.

While addressing security officials, the leader stood by the map that seemed to show an operation from south Ukraine into its small neighbor.

According to the Daily Mail, the map also showed proposed battle plans that Russian troops could follow in the event of bloodshed throughout the country.

It also included Russian lines of attack moving into Ukraine. These included some that appeared in the first days of war.

The battle map revealed several targets
The battle map identified several targets

This was not all. It also pointed out several attacks that haven’t occurred yet. One that appeared to originate from Odessa, the port city of Odessa, into Moldova. This suggests that Putin is planning to send troops into Ukraine’s neighbor.

Russian troops attacked and destroyed a TV mast in Kyiv and the Holocaust memorial near it on Tuesday, March 1st. They warned residents to leave Kyiv otherwise they could be killed.

The map looked split in four, with the command territories of Ukraine’s army. It displayed Russian attacks from Belarus, through Ukraine’s eastern border and from Crimea.

A pincer movement is seen aiming at Kyiv. This is being done as hundreds of tragedies have increased over the last few weeks.

Lukashenko appeared to reveal battle plans
Lukashenko revealed battle plans

The city of Dnipro was also under attack. However, this has not been orchestrated. This could be due to Kharkiv resisting the attacks by the forces that were assigned to it.

Another attack seems to be directed towards Cherkasy via Sumy. This is the same city where Russian troops are also being held up. A second attack seems to have broken off from the Kyiv assault on Zhytomyr.

However, the most confusing attack is made by soldiers from Odessa in Ukraine, which is located towards Transnistria. It is a separatist region of Moldova that Putin occupies.

A clip of the meeting has been posted online
The meeting video has been posted online

Online footage shows Lukashenko discussing missile strikes against Ukraine from Belarusian territory.

“Missiles in the Mazyr region hit those [Ukrainian] positions, after which we didn’t see them again,”He stated.

“Once the Russians began their advance, we no longer saw those positions.

“This is why I have stated that there were indeed missile launch from Belarusian territory. We also shared the truth about which targets we attacked.”

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