Belize Police Official Arrests Socialite for Shooting Death. Rumors Dispelled in New Interview


The socialite who was accused of manslaughter for the death of a Belizean high-ranking officer is speaking out.

“It was a loud bang. Then my ears were ringing. I was in shock,”Piers Morgan was told by Jasmine Hartin on Fox Nation.

“I don’t ever remember touching the trigger of the weapon, but I was holding it when it went off,”Hartin stated.

The 33-year-old blonde says that the police official, Henry Jemmott, was encouraging her to get a gun for personal protection and was showing her how to use the weapon, when it accidentally discharged.

“He wanted me to pass him the clip. And at that point the clip was already back in the weapon, so I was struggling to remove the clip from the gun, and that’s when the gun went off,”Hartin stated.

Hartin maintains that she was inexperienced with guns despite the fact that video has circulated of her shooting watermelons during target practice.

“What that video doesn’t show you is the 10 times I tried to hit that watermelon and missed,”Hartin stated.

Rumours swirled that Jemmott and her were having an affair after they shared a bottle of wine. She also gave Jemmott a shoulder rub on the night he died.

“That’s completely false. He was my friend,”Hartin stated.

Hartin also denies that she is a party animal, after videos of her dancing in a bar’s rafters in a short-shorted dress showed her. Hartin claims her reputation is in ruin due to her bitter custody dispute with Andrew Ashcroft (son of a British billionaire Michael Ashcroft). 

“Who would benefit from such rumors? Obviously, it would benefit in a custody court. It would benefit in many ways if I’m perceived to be this wild, cocaine addict party girl. It’s just not true,”Hartin stated.

She says she is being set up, and she has been left to her own devices while she waits for trial in the Central American country.

“I’m definitely not a murderer, and I am being set up. This is terrifying,”Hartin stated.

Hartin’s ex-partner says that he has no ill will toward Hartin and wishes her success at the trial.

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