Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Love Pentagon, Explained


This romantic entanglement is yacht going well.

When the Below Deck Sailing Yacht season three trailer teased the eventual formation of a love pentagon, we weren’t quite sure what to make of it—and despite the fact that we’re now approaching the season finale, we’re still not sure what exactly’s been going on aboard the Parsifal III. The love pentagon has become one big love blob, if anything. 

This blob contains the first mate. Gary King. He’s the main man in contention—as chief engineer Colin MacRaePut it in “These girls are f–king going crazy for Gary”—though deckhand Tom PearsonCaptain was also present in the mix. Glenn Shephard cut him loose. Next, there are the ladies: chief stew Daisy Kelliher, and stewardesses Gabriela Barragan, Ashley Marti Scarlett Bentley

It’s difficult enough to keep track of everything that happened between the cast members. Below Deck Sailing YachtYou can only watch one episode of a season. We are here to help.

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