Ben Affleck Allegedly ‘Fuming With Jealousy’ Over Jennifer Lopez’s Relationship With Other Male Celebrities, Thinks He’ll Get Dumped, Reports Say


It is Ben AffleckHis insecurity about his relationship with Jennifer Lopez? Rumor has it, Affleck is worried that Lopez is going to leave him — possibly for another man. Here’s the latest gossip from the tabloids about the second run of Bennifer.

Ben Affleck ‘Terrified’ He’ll Get Dumped?

The following February, the Globe Report Ben Affleck was “hopelessly henpecked”Jennifer Lopez. According to the report Lopez was undeniably the boss of their relationship. This made Affleck afraid that he might lose his cool. “The theme of this relationship is that Ben is getting a second chance, not Jennifer, and Ben better not screw it up,”An insider’s view.

But we knew immediately from the outlet’s sleazy language that it wasn’t a reliable source. Affleck was no problem being referred to in the magazine. “former boozer”Call Lopez “bossy.” And the actual story wasn’t adding up either. According to the tabloid, Affleck was miserably emasculated because Lopez was…encouraging him to go to the gym. It was all absurd.

Affleck ‘Fuming With Jealousy’ Over J.Lo’s Flirting?

Then you can Globe once again revealed how insecure Affleck had become in his and Lopez’s relationship. Affleck seemed to be going insane as he watched Lopez get cozy with him. Get Married co-star Maluma. “J.Lo was with Maluma a lot and they’ve got a real connection, which gets under Ben’s skin,”A tipster thought. “As much as Ben hates seeing a young guy like Maluma flirting with his woman, it’s also sparked his competitive side. There’s no way he’s going to let this punk win.”

This story was also false. The outlet totally failed to mention that Maluma has been in a steady relationship since 2020, and he definitely isn’t looking to steal Lopez. But even so, we’re sure both Affleck and Lopez are professional enough to not let their onscreen romances complicate things.

Jennifer Lopez’s Co-Stars Warned To ‘Stay Away’?

But maybe Maluma wasn’t the co-star Affleck needed to worry about. According to Woman’s Day Lopez was able to get along with Owen Wilson and that easy chemistry was annoying Affleck. “Ben isn’t happy about this giggly friendship that’s transpired from Jen and Owen playing an onscreen couple,”Confidentiality is key for a tipster “He kept popping up on set to check in on them, and if he saw Jen and Owen goofing off together, he had a face like thunder. He made it clear that Jen and Owen’s friendship wasn’t to continue off-set.”

Again, though, there was no reason for us to believe Lopez was too attached to her scripted relationships. Although Wilson and Affleck did a wonderful job as a couple in their film, it is certain that they never crossed any boundaries. And since Affleck and Lopez looked absolutely enamored with each other at the film’s premiere, we wrote this story off as a total work of fiction.

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