Ben Affleck Allegedly ‘Terrified’Anonymous Source Claims Jennifer Lopez is About to Break up With Him


Is it? Ben AffleckFear of Jennifer Lopez? One report says he’s henpecked because he fears losing her. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Hopelessly Henpecked!’

The following is an extract from the GlobeAffleck does everything. “bossy” Lopez tells him to do. An insider explains, “The theme of this relationship is that Ben is getting a second chance, not Jennifer, and Ben better not screw it up.”The ArgoStar quit booze and got in shape for her.

Lopez has created an intimidating list of diets, workouts, and exercises. An insider says, “He looks great and he’s happier than he’s been in years.” Affleck isn’t as stubborn as he was in 2003, and Lopez’s presence ensures that he’s going to say on track.

Lopez made the right call, even though he almost blew it with his snide comments about Jennifer Garner. An insider says: “She’s molding him into the man she knew he could be and he obviously likes it.”

What’s The Problem?

This story tells you right away that it’s not a valid source of information. It christens Ben Affleck “former boozer”The HustlersStar is what it is called “bossy J.Lo.” Attacks like this don’t get printed in legitimate news stories.

The GlobeYou will find it hilarious how degenerate Affleck is with his happy marriage and killer physique. It calls him “hopelessly henpecked” because… he’s going to the gym now? There’s some regressive value judgments going on in this absurd story.

First off, Affleck’s sobriety was not a Lopez thing. He was clean a few decades ago. While it’s refreshing to see a tabloid compliment Affleck instead of attacking his body, the fact remains that the former Sexiest Man Alive doesn’t need Lopez to tell him to hit the weights. Since the basic facts of this story aren’t accurate, the story should be dismissed.

Even if it were true, would it still be worthwhile to tell? Affleck “obviously likes it”It is “happier than he’s been in years,” then what’s the problem? He’s not stubborn and arrogant enough? Affleck, according to the subtitle, is “terrified he’ll lose bossy J.Lo,”This is a fact that never appears in the story.

Tall Tales

The Globe has never had a handle on Affleck’s life. It said that he and Ana de Armas would be talking about marriage in 2020. It doesn’t look like marriage was ever on the table. It promoted a prenup debate between the GigliIt was stars but had no hard evidence.

The tabloid only promotes regressive boys club views. When Casey Affleck complimented Ana de Armas, it claimed he was breaking the bro code for talking about his brother’s ex-girlfriend. Ugh. This story is not about Ben Affleck living the best life possible.

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