Ben Affleck FaceTimes Her, according to rumors ‘Every Night Before Bed’ While He’s Away


Is it? Jennifer LopezWith the help of Ben Affleck? According to one tabloid, Lopez has created a number of “relationship rules” she’s forcing Affleck to follow. Here’s the latest gossip about Bennifer 2.0.

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Establish ‘Over The Top’ Habits?

The most recent edition of OK! According to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, they are doing their best to remain in their honeymoon phase. The couple is apparently still in love, but they have a few ways to keep their spark alive. “They’re still at the stage where they can hardly keep their hands off each other, but it’s not just chemistry,”Insider scoops Lopez, apparently, is “constantly buying new lingerie, which Ben loves, and if she’s away from him even for a few hours, she’ll take a sexy selfie and send it to him.”

But Lopez isn’t the only one going the extra mile. “[Affleck] has been working out at the crack of dawn and has totally cleaned up his diet to match hers,”The tipster will reveal. “Ben’s happy to do it, but it wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for Jen.” But physical intimacy isn’t the only thing they’re focused on.

“Right from the start, they agreed to be super open with each other, so they actually pencil in weekly sit-down sessions to talk about their feelings,”This is the source. “[Affleck] has to FaceTime Jen every night before bed. Their friends think it’s all a bit over the top, but Ben and Jen are so grateful to be getting this second chance. They’re not taking anything for granted!”

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Get A ‘Fresh Start’?

It’s hard to pin down the point of this story. While it’s hard to believe this tale came from anyone close to Lopez or Affleck, it’s quite mundane in nature. According to the tabloid Affleck and Lopez are close friends and communicative. They even make time each day to talk to one another despite their busy schedules. None of this sounds like “over the top rules”But it is a healthy, normal relationship.

Who is this magazine to judge? As long as they’re healthy and happy, the intimate details of their relationship are none of our business. There’s been plenty of media attention on Affleck and Lopez’s reunion, so it’s understandable to want a peek inside of their whirlwind romance. But the truth is that they’re a couple just like any other, and they probably don’t want their private lives exposed for the whole world to see.

The Tabloid on Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

As an added note, readers are encouraged to take everything OK!Take Lopez and Affleck’s comments with a grain. The same magazine claimed Lopez was fighting Affleck for his lazy ways not long ago. The tabloid claimed Lopez was paranoid that Affleck would break up with him. Last spring, the tabloid reported that Affleck was actually reuniting again with Jennifer Garner, his ex-wife. Obviously, OK! doesn’t have any real insight into Affleck and Lopez’s relationship.