Ben Affleck Sparks Friends’ Fears Of Relapse With Recent Appearance?


Has Ben AffleckHave you ever relapsed? Recent photos have one tabloid worried about the actor’s sobriety. Let’s check in on the Justice League Star

Ben Affleck Leading ‘Double Life’What is the best way to get started?

The latest edition of In Touch According to reports, Ben Affleck is heading down a slippery slope towards relapse. Recent photos show that Affleck is not smiling as he basks at the glow of his relationship with Jennifer Lopez. A source reveals that the actor was spotted on a recent walk. “He looked really thin and tired. Nothing like he did when they were at his movie premiere in Venice a couple of weeks before, when they both looked so glamorous.”

The source is endless. “He certainly lights up for the cameras, but the guy in the tux smiling on the red carpet with no care in the world is not the real Ben.”Affleck has suffered from alcoholism for many years and has had multiple stints in rehabilitation. “haunted by his demons. He seems to be leading a double life,”According to the insider.

The magazine recounts Affleck’s relapse in 2019 after achieving a full year of sobriety. “To see him suffer another setback after a year was just awful,”The source explained. And while Affleck has been on a good path ever since, the magazine insists he’s still struggling. “There are some red flags: He still gambles and is in contact with some old friends who could be considered shady,”The tipter revealed. He also revealed that Lopez’s reunion was not a complete success. “good influence” on Affleck, the outlet insists she’s just as worried as everyone else that he’ll fall off the wagon.

Jennifer Lopez Trying To Keep Ben Affleck ‘In Check’What?

The tabloid’s only evidence is that Affleck is leading an affluent lifestyle “double life”Here is a single picture of him looking down. The rest of his story is pure speculation, with no proof. Here’s the thing: Addiction It is a constant battle. We’re sure both Affleck and his loved ones are aware of that. But the tabloid isn’t offering any kind of support or insight into Affleck’s health or state of mind. All it is doing is casting doubt on Affleck’s sobriety, and we’re not here for it.

Affleck was also giddy at the premier of his new movie. The Tender Bar It was just a few short days ago. A reporter even Commentators commented on how happy Affleck was.He responded by stating that he was happy to do so. “I’m very happy. It is a very happy time in my life. Life is good.” It’s obvious the paparazzi just caught Affleck at a bad moment, and the star is doing just fine.

The Tabloid on Ben Affleck

Besides, it’s hard to trust In Touch Ben Affleck is the subject. In a report published earlier this year, Affleck claimed that he was getting back together Jennifer Garner. We know this was false since Affleck is currently with Lopez. The tabloid also reported that Affleck and Lopez had been engaged four months ago. This rumor was also false. It is clear that In Touch isn’t reliable when it comes to Affleck.

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