Ben Affleck Supposedly Shocked And Furious Over Jennifer Garner’s Engagement, Suspicious Report Says


Is it? Ben AffleckDo not stew over Jennifer Garner’s engagement? One report states that DogmaStar is furious at his ex-wife’s remarriage. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Ben’s Fury!’

According to Neue Idea, Affleck’s relationship with Jennifer Lopez is not enough to distract him from his ex. Affleck and Lopez are considering marriage, and he isn’t happy about Garner stealing his thunder. Garner showed off an engagement ring in diamonds on Instagram Live, surprising the world and Affleck. According to insiders “The news was a complete shock to Ben, who reportedly had no idea about her big move!”

Jennifer Garner is engaged?

This is a huge bogus layer cake story. Contrary to what tabloids might tell you, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have not rushed into marriage. He and Lopez are having a blast, but there’s no evidence that they’re going to get engaged as soon as possible.

Second, this story completely mischaracterizes Affleck and Garner’s relationship. It’s not adversarial in the slightest. She was trick-or-treating with the GigliStars in an effort to blend the two families. Affleck and Affleck communicate well and are still good friends.

Finally, and most importantly, Garner’s probably not even engaged, Her boyfriend John Miller did not go trick or treating. The Instagram video was probably mirrored, so the ring in question wouldn’t signify engagement. The ring was never found during subsequent public outings. It’s possible Garner’s playing everything close to the chest, but that alone would make this story false. Garner is yet to confirm the rumors. Gossip CopWe will continue to be skeptical about engagement reports.

Tall Tales

Neue IdeaGarner has tried this jealousy strategy before. Garner and her went to the beach in August 2020. Alias buddy Bradley Cooper. The tabloid reported that Affleck was jealous at the sight they shared together. He was likely too busy with Ana de Armas to notice or care.

According to de Armas’ outlet, she and Affleck had been planning for marriage and children approximately a month prior to their breakup. The outlet also claimed that the Good Will Hunting star was starving himself for de Armas’ approval. Neue IdeaAffleck stories have earned it a bad reputation.

Garner and Miller have been together for many years, so Affleck is well aware of their love story. Everyone is friendly in this ecosystem, so there wouldn’t be any anger if Garner did get engaged.

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