Benedict Cumberbatch’s Life – Cyberstalking and singing career.


Benedict Cumberbatch’s career has been dazzling, starting in theatre and ending with his current roles in Hollywood blockbuster movies.

He is fluent in six languages and has received numerous awards for his performances on television, film and theatre including BAFTA and Golden Globe Awards.

The star has a complicated background as his great-great grandfather was a successful slave owner in Barbados, Jamaica. He also has 16-times his direct lineage back to King Richard III.

The 45-year-old even attended his royal ancestor’s reburial in 2015 and read a poem in his honour.

Silver Screen Beat has delved into the life of Doctor Strange to celebrate its release.

Roles that have won awards

Benedict at the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Benedict at the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Benedict is well-respected for his extraordinary roles onscreen, some of which have earned him an award-winning performance.

In November 2021, he took on the role of Phil Burbank in Netflix’s award-winning Power of the Dog.

He won incredible awards for his jaw-dropping portrayal, including an AACTA International Award for Best Actor, New York Film Critics Circle Award and Satellite Award.

Other award-winning performances include Sherlock and The Imitation Game, Hamlet and Frankenstein.

Marvel fans know him best for his role as fan favourite Doctor Strange.

He is best recognised by Marvel fans as Doctor Strange
Marvel fans know him best as Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness 2 was released in cinemas this Thursday. This film has garnered a number of reviews.

The film was rated by IMDB at 7.6/10. Rotten Tomatoes rated it similarly at 77%.

Benedict’s role of the infamous wizard does not end with Doctor Strange. He has also appeared in Avengers: Infinity War (2018), Avengers: Endgame (1999), and Spider-Man: No Way Home (211).

Cyberstalking Victim

Benedict is a victim of cyberstalking
Cyberstalking has made Benedict a victim

Back in 2013, news of Benedict’s cyberstalker spread after their unnerving social media account was unearthed.

After seeing that someone was monitoring his activities and daily movements via Twitter, the actor was shocked.

He was close to calling the police when the suspect made themselves known. However, his secret admirer was too close to home when it became clear that a neighbor had been managing the account.

She offered to make a cake for Benedict in an effort of reconciliation. However, Benedict politely declined the offer and said that it was because he was “watching his Sherlock jawline”.

Music career

Benedict joined the stage at the Royal Albert Hall
Benedict took to the Royal Albert Hall’s stage

Benedict’s career began in theatre back in 2001, most notably he won an Olivier Award for Best Supporting Role as George Tesman in Hedda Gabler.

He recalled an incident when his singing voice was used outside of the stage during a Pink Floyd show in a Los Angeles Times interview.

He said it was the closest he’d “ever come to having a heart attack”: “I stepped [onstage] at the very end of a Pink Floyd gig. David Gilmour persuaded me to come on and do the Roger Waters part in Comfortably Numb, which is hardly singing.”

Benedict joked that he would never be able to do without him. “wondered where the crash team was”He is a great guy. “thought he was going to die”.

Man of the family

Benedict and wife Sophie share three children together
Benedict and Sophie share three children together

Benedict Cumberbatch has been married to Sophie Hunter, a theatre director and playwright.

When he’s not in front of the camera, the actor can be found enjoying a peaceful family life with his wife and their three sons.

The couple got engaged in 2014 and were then married on the Isle of Wight, one year later.

Benedict previously stated that he would love to do more. “child friendly”He has assigned roles so his children Finn, Christopher, Hal and Christopher can look after their father. “they’ll all be a lot older by the time they get to see them”.

The actor has previously spoken about his children’s influence on his life: “Suddenly, I understood my parents much more profoundly than I ever had before.”

He continued: “You understand much more about being a son [after] becoming a father.”

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