Benjamin Mendy, Man City’s prisoner, moved to a new and more severe facility ‘amid safety concerns’


HMP Altcourse in Liverpool was the location where the France international was moved to HMP Manchester. Strangeways is a notorious British prison.

Benjamin Mendy, Manchester City defender, was transferred to one the most difficult prisons in Britain after safety concerns.

The man from Monaco was charged with multiple counts rape, and one count sexual assault. He was held in high security Strangeways prison during the Christmas period.

Mendy was driven from Liverpool ’s category-B HMP Altcourse to his new Manchester-based jail on December 23, along with co-defendant 40-year-old Louis Saha Matturie.

One source told Silver Screen Beats : “Both Mendy and Matturie have been moved because their case is so high profile.

“This can cause safety and prisoner management problems, and it was felt that Category A conditions may be better equipped for dealing with any potential issues.

“The Prison Service has a responsibility to manage prisoners in the safest way possible.”

Mendy is now at Strangeways (officially called HMP Manchester).

A September 2020 inspection of the prison revealed that 624 of its criminals are kept in their cells for an astonishing 22 hours per day.

An insider at the prison said that football tribalism might have played a part in his experiences. “He won’t know what’s hit him coming from Altcourse, which is a privately run prison.

“It’s one of the toughest jails in the country. Another problem for him will be the large number of Man United supporters in there.

“They will be screaming his name for weeks so he won’t be getting much sleep, especially as he’s charged with sex offences.

“There are a lot of Blues’ fans there as well, but even the most avid will struggle to protect an alleged sex offender.”

Mendy is accused of eight offences against five different women, including seven counts of rape relating to four women and a charge of sexual assault against the fifth.

Co-defendant Matturie faces six counts of rape and one of sexual assault.

Both remain on remand, a further pre-trial hearing will take place this coming Friday (7 January), though Mendy’s trial will now start on either 27 June or 1 August.

Both Her Majesty’s Prison Service and the Ministry of Justice declined to comment on Mendy’s alleged prison switch.