Bethanny Frankel: It’s Upsetting to See Older People in Masks


Reality TV icon Bethanny FrankelTwitter user, Judith, shared her thoughts about the sad fact that so many people still wear masks. Problem is that it was misunderstood, and took out of context. Let us explain what she meant so that it is clearer for some. She was not condemning mask wearing. She was simply pointing to the fact that it was still a sad epidemic, which many people can certainly agree with.

Select Your Words Carefully

People in the public eye need to be more mindful of how they speak and express their opinions, especially when there is so much hypersensitivity. Frankel used Twitter to express her opinions about the current state in the world. You can see the results below.

The responses will give you a quick overview of the reaction to her post. While it may have seemed to some she was judging mask wearers negatively, she wasn’t. She was simply pointing out how awful it was for her to see that all of us (children and seniors especially) still need them years after the pandemic.

Mask Facts

They save lives now, regardless of how annoyed or incontinenced you feel. This is an undisputed fact in modern life. The truth is, we are not out of the woods when it comes to Covid, and it doesn’t look like we will be anytime soon. The CDC has It was very clearHow it feels about wearing masks and how it can prevent the spread and mutation of Covid.

Frankel did not condemn mask usage. She was simply expressing her sadness at how little has changed since the start of the pandemic, though perhaps she could have worded it a bit better, but we do agree, it’s disheartening to be over two years into this thing with no sign of respite.

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