Betty White’s Agent Longtime Confirms That There Won’t Be a Public Memorial


Betty White was a huge star, but she never wanted people to make a fuss over her, including after she was gone.  

Inside Edition interviewed Jeff Witjas her longtime agent about her final days.

“I’ve never seen Betty’s spirits ever down. We had a great conversation. Her mind was relatively sharp. Her sense of humor was there,” Witjas said.

The beloved “Golden Girl” died on New Year’s Eve of natural causes at age 99.

False social media posts claimed that the TV legend had died after receiving a COVID-19 booster. Witjas stated that White did not receive a booster shot as she was living in a COVID-19 bubble, with very few visitors.

“For approximately a couple years, Betty never left her home and those who entered were very few,” Witjas said. “Everyone wanted to keep her healthy.”

He claims that her daily routine was easy.

“I think it was a little bland. She read a lot, she played puzzles. Whenever I went over, we used to play gin rummy, which we loved to play with each other,” Witjas said. 

Witjas also confirmed that there will not be a public memorial.

“Betty never wanted it. She did not want people to change their schedules to go out of their way for her,” Witjas said.

Today, White’s 1983 appearance on the “Tonight Show”Joan Rivers as guest host is viral, as they exchanging funny barbs over magazine covers.

Rivers looked glamorous on People Magazine’s cover, while White was photographed with a dog for Kennel Review Magazine.

The viral clip is now 40 years old — further proof that White’s comedy lives on.

Animal shelters across the country are now benefitting from Betty White Challenge. They ask fans to donate $5 to their local shelter Jan. 17, which would be her 100th birthday.  

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