BGT: BLM Dance is back after Ofcom complaints


Black Lives Matter has been revived by diversity.

The dance troupe are performing it on their latest tour — despite it sparking a major backlash when they did it on Britain’s Got Talent in 2020.

Frontman Ashley Banjo told Silver Screen Beat: “We had big discussions about whether we mention or even allude to what happened. On the one hand, we didn’t want to. But at the same time, we felt it was impossible not to.

“This show follows the positive and negative side of having such open communication between people.

“And we don’t have a better example of the negative battle than what happened to us. It’s a big landmark moment in the show.”

Ashley Banjo said they wondered whether or not to revive their BLM routine
Ashley Banjo stated that they were unsure if it was worth reviving their BLM routine

The routine also includes a move about George Floyd’s death, which inspired the Black Lives Matter movement.

It made Diversity’s members the target of death threats and sparked a record number of complaints to Ofcom.

Ashley stated: “There is a small part of me every night I get a little bit scared because you’re not sure what the response is going to be. Every night there’s this little spike of fear.

“But when I see the positive response, it gives me real hope and belief in humanity. It feels really special and showcases the best in people.”

The routine sparked a record number of complaints to Ofcom
Ofcom received a record number complaints about the routine.

After the backlash, Ashley fronted an ITV documentary – Britain in Black and White – in which he explored racism in the UK.

Jim Davidson was also confronted at one point by him after Diversity’s YouTube performance was criticized.

Ashley informed him that Ashley’s video was unacceptable. “personal and racist”Jim stormed off the interview stage after further discussion.

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