Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd’s Friends Allegedly Fear For Their Health Over Drinking Problem, Anonymous Source Says


Are you Bill Murray Dan Aykroyd‘s friends worried for their health? One tabloid claims the comedians are partying a bit too hard for the age. Let’Check in at the Ghostbusters co-stars.

‘Booze Brothers’Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd Demand To ‘Slow It Down’?

This week, National Enquirer Reports SNL stars Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd are enabling each other’s alcoholic tendencies. They have been reunited on the set of Ghostbusters: AfterlifeComedy comedians have reverted to old ways of carousing and boozing. “They’ve enjoyed a bromance for 40 years and still get sloppy drunk, but they’re not 30 year olds and really should nip it,”Insider recipes

“Dan and Bill had a blast working on the film, and there were many opportunities for nights out on the town while they were promoting it, too.”The tipter revealed that alcohol is the secret to their decades-long friendship. “Dan and Bill have both always moved to the beat of their own drums, and people assume that’s why they get along so well,”This is the source. “When sober, they actually tend to get on each other’s nerves. But one thing they have in common is their love of a good bar, or even a bad one, as long as it’s well stocked with premium liquor.”

‘Gut-Busters’Dan Aykroyd & Bill Murray ‘Still Play Spin The Bottle’?

While we can’t speak for the actors’ families, we have no reason to believe Murray and Aykroyd’s drinking has escalated to a dangerous level during their time together. That being said, it’s certainly no secret that the actors are fond of alcohol. It’s so well-known that the statement, “Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd like to drink,” which is essentially what this article is saying, isn’t really news.

Bill Murray is a master of the art of booze. When he isn’t bartending at his son’s bar, he’s You can travel the country to learn new ways of getting drunk. If his passion for alcoholic beverages has ever affected his health, he hasn’t shared that information with anyone. So, it’s incredibly unrealistic to suggest anyone close to the actor is gossiping to the tabloid about how Murray drinks too much.

Aykroyd was the actor. Crystal Head Vodka is his own spirit company. We doubt anyone that’s indifferent to drinking would invest so much work into building a company centered around the activity. All of this is to say that we doubt there’s any real cause for concern. While we’re sure they had a blast acting together again, they’ve managed their love for alcohol for a while now. There is no reason to believe Murray or Aykroyd suddenly go on pub crawls every evening.

The Tabloid On Celebrities’ Health

This is far from being the first time. National Enquirer has sounded alarms over a celebrity’s health. Not long ago, the tabloid claimed Ryan Seacrest’s team staged an intervention for the TV personality. Then the publication reported Phil Collins wouldn’t make it to Christmas. The magazine claimed Kelly Clarkson was also being reported by the publication. “chugging wine”To cope with her divorce. It’s clear the Get in touch has no real insight into celebrities’ health.