Billie Shepherd drops a bombshell about her third pregnancy as she speaks out about falling in love with her third child


Billie Shepherd opened up about growing her brood along with Greg Shepherd and is excited to get started.

Her loving husband and TOWIE star share two children currently, Nelly, aged eight, and Arthur (4 years).

But in her latest podcast with her sister Sam Faiers, the 32-year-old confessed she doesn’t want to leave it too long before welcoming their third child.

As she caught up with her pregnant sister – who is expecting her third child – the blonde bombshell confessed that the pair are ready to welcome a third child into their family unit.

Billie Shepherd has opened up about wanting a third child
Billie Shepherd spoke out about wanting to have a 3rd child.

The Sam and Billie Show podcast recently featured an expectant mom asking when they would start to try to conceive a second child.

She inquired: “And Greg, does he want to have a third?”To which she replied: “Yeah, he does.”

“It’s actually quite funny because when we were away recently in the Maldives, there were two babies out there with us.”

The happy couple have been together for more than 10 years
They have been married for over 10 years.

She continued to explain that the two lovebirds were reluctant to have another child because of a Maldivian family vacation last year.

Billie added: “Nephew Brody, who is six months, and then my friend Steph brought baby George, who is almost six months.

“Beating in mind these two babies are the most well-behaved, such good babies, Greg said, ‘Do you know what? It’s making me think twice now going back to this’.

They share two children together: Nelly, eight, and Arthur, four
They have two children: Nelly, age eight, and Arthur at four

“Because I think what it was, we haven’t had a baby in our family for a long time now, and knowing how time-consuming it all is.

“Dragging a buggy along … He was plucking out all of these excuses and I was like, ‘Don’t that’s such a small time!””

Her sister Sam – who is set to give birth later this year – argued that when you become a parent again, you just get on with the new way of life.

After a recent holiday in the Maldives, her hubby Greg shared his concerns about having another child
Greg, her husband, expressed concern about the possibility of having another child after a recent vacation in the Maldives.

She pointed out: “But we can all say that because now, all of our kids are at different stages, they are music easier. But when you have a baby, you don’t think of those things, you just get on with it.

“You’re a parent, you’ve got to drag the buggy along the sand, you’ve got to feed them, you’ve got to nap them. You’ve got to walk around the swimming pool a hundred times.”

At this point, the star assured her sister that Greg wants another child soon and said: “You just do it. But no, I think he definitely would like to.”

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