Billion-Dollar Marriage Allegedly At Risk After Fights Over Their Future


Is Jessica Simpson getting bored of her marriage to Eric Johnson? One tabloid claims the couple is struggling to keep their romance alive. Here’s what we know about the fashion mogul and former football pro’s famous marriage.

Jessica Simpson Tired Of Domestic Bliss?

This week, Star reports Jessica Simpson’s marriage to Eric Johnson is more fragile than ever. Sources say the designer is “sick of being cooped up at home,” and “she’d rather be out partying with friends.” Apparently, Simpson’s marriage is seriously lacking in passion. “Jessica feels like she’s in a rut. She wants excitement back in her life and calls Eric an old fuddy-duddy,” the snitch dishes. “That doesn’t sit well with Eric, who feels humiliated and ignored.”

But Simpson’s career is doing better than ever, and she “wants to celebrate life,” the source muses. But Johnson isn’t as happy about Simpson’s recent success. “The company has turned Jessica into a bit of a monster and Eric feels like him taking the back seat isn’t good for the marriage,” the tipster reveals. All that aside, the insider ends on a hopeful note. “The good news is they love each other… And maybe they’ll be able to work this all out.”

Will They Stay Together?

There was absolutely no evidence to support this story. Other than the testimony of unnamed “insiders,” we would have no reason to believe Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson were even fighting. We’re sure Simpson isn’t complaining about her and Johnson’s life together — especially not to anyone associated with this tabloid. Besides, Johnson certainly doesn’t resent Simpson for her successful career.

When Simpson won her legal battle to retain ownership of her fashion brand, Johnson posted a lengthy congratulations on Instagram. In the caption, he wrote, “Everything you do feels purposeful. I’ve watched you make this happen with hard work, self-belief and a whole lotta patience, faith, and love. It’s incredibly empowering and brings me to tears. I love you.”

And back in November, the couple celebrated 11 years since first getting engaged.

While the magazine clearly has trouble believing that a successful woman can also have a healthy marriage, Simpson and Johnson are proving all of the doubters wrong.

The Tabloid On Jessica Simpson

We know better than to believe anything Star writes about Jessica Simpson. Back in 2020, the outlet claimed Simpson was producing and starring in a film based on her memoir. Then the publication alleged Simpson was terrified Johnson planned to divorce her. Clearly, Star doesn’t have any real insight into Simpson’s personal life.

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