Billionaire Divorce Hits Snag Over $110M Palm Beach Mansion


Famous real estate short-seller John PaulsonHe is currently having his own house-selling headache. As they work out the details of their divorce, the billionaire and Jenny Paulson are currently fighting over who gets what. 

Who will Get the House?

They are fighting over ownership of their vast portfolio of property, but the biggest battle is over their $110 million Palm Beach estate. According to Page Six

Their most luxurious property is situated on South Ocean Boulevard, with the ocean just across the street. The house measures almost 30,000 sq. ft. and has nine bedrooms and ten-and-a-half bathrooms. The couple bought the house in early 2017 and are now battling over who gets it in the divorce. 

Art Collection and Jewelry Available for Grabs

This isn’t the only valuable property being argued over in the divorce proceedings. The Paulsons also have to decide what to do with their $50 million-plus Hamptons estate, their $50 million Upper East Side townhouse, and John’s extensive holdings in Puerto Rico, which include multiple hotels and other properties.

The couple’s split is set to become one of the priciest ever in New York State, due to the fact that the two do not have a prenup. John, who is worth $4Billion, filed for divorce in September from his wife of 21-years. He later withdrew the filing so that the couple’s lawyers could go into private negotiations. 

Real estate isn’t the only thing up for grabs. The Paulsons own an extensive art collection, which includes pieces by Van Gogh and Monet. Jenny owns a jewelry collection that is worth over $20 million. 

John isn’t letting the asset divvying get him down, though. Alina de Almadeida, 33-year-old fitness guru, is the real estate mogul who has moved on. The situation has not been commented upon by either of the Paulsons.

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