Billy Bob Thornton Allegedly ‘Living On Borrowed Time’ Amid Rumors Of Heart Problems, Gossip Says


Does Billy Bob Thornton have a date with the Grim Reaper? One report says his heart problems will soon send him to an early grave. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘TV Cowboy Billy Bob Is Ticking Time Bomb’

Per the National Enquirer, Thornton is riding high from the success of his series 1883, but he’s really inching ever closer to death. A mole says Thornton is appreciating life, “but knowing his heart could explode at any time is always at the back of his mind.” The Fargo star lost his brother to a heart attack, not to mention his own heart attack in 1985.

After agreeing to A Simple Plan in 1998, Thornton took on a shocking diet that brought him from 197 to 138 pounds. A few years later, he wed Angelina Jolie and was hospitalized with what rumors said could have been a heart issue. An insider concludes that he “doesn’t want to wind up in the hospital again with his family crying beside him.”

What’s Going On With Billy Bob Thornton?

Obviously, Billy Bob Thornton doesn’t want to die suddenly in front of his crying family. That’s not really an active desire of anyone. While Gossip Cop doesn’t know how Thronton feels about the threat of a heart attack, we do think his rep may know more than the Enquirer. Thronton’s rep says this rumor “is not true,” and Thornton is not suffering from heart problems.

Considering all the evidence in this story comes from the last millennium, we’re inclined to agree. Thornton’s health is well enough for him to carry a full shooting schedule and perform live music. He’s set to perform at the Hoptown Hopfest on June 4. If he was really this petrified of a heart attack, he wouldn’t be traveling to Kentucky.

Constant Death Watch

Billy Bob Thornton is now a member of a special club: celebrities the Enquirer promised would die. Last year, John Goodman was supposedly running out of time. Thornton’s ex-wife Angelina Jolie was supposedly dying as well, yet she’s doing just fine. Stories like this are guaranteed to sell magazines, but they’re universally unwarranted speculation.

This list goes on and on: Queen Elizabeth, Phil Collins, and Willie Nelson all should be dead according to this outlet. All are alive and well long after their respective stories. Thornton may have a history of heart issues, but there’s no indication that he’s allowing that to run his life in 2022.

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