Billy Bob Thornton’s Boy Harry Reflects On His Isolated Childhood


Ranch realizations.

Nothing could have prepared for the Relatively well-known: Ranch RulesCast of celebrities children to live on remote farmsteads While Harry James ThorntonHe shared his culture shock experiences with E! News Daily PopOn March 2, he was unprepared. 

The son of Billy Bob Thornton, Harry was less taken aback by the outrageous jobs the group had to do—from sheep shearing to artificial insemination—and more so by the group itself. He said that he was not as isolated from his celebrity parents growing up. “Yeah, I homeschooled.”

It’s not just that. “I think we stayed in a lot when I was growing up,”Harry added as he sat with his cast mate, who has become a good friend. Ebie

Expanding on what she’s come to learn about Harry’s childhood, Ebie described Relatively well-known: Ranch RulesAs “a totally new experience” for him.

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