Bindi Irwin celebrates the 18th birthday of Brother Robert


The Wildlife Warrior is not a small thing anymore. 

Steve Irwin‘s son, RobertAn celebration of his turning of age was held by. “epic 18th party” with his family and friends at Australia Zoo on Wednesday, Dec. 1. 

Mom TerriSister Bindi Irwin In honor of his 18th Birthday, we joined the photographer for a day at the zoo.

Bindi, 23 years old, wrote this on Instagram. “happy 18th to the very best. This year you’ve been promoted to uncle and taken on the world,”Referring to her relationship with her 8 month-old daughter Grace.

“I can’t wait to see what incredible adventures are on the horizon for you,” Bindi wrote. “I’ll always, always be here for you (with a fully stocked fridge). Love you.”Robert, in true younger brother fashion, replied: “Thank you B! Love you (and your fully stocked fridge) so much.” 

He celebrated his day by unveiling new statues of three different wombats at Australia Zoo. Meanwhile, guests participated in clay workshops, a photo station, pony rides and more activities.