Bionic Leg Attachment – Helps Stroke Patients Get Walking Again


At Britain’s University of Portsmouth, stroke sufferers have new hope thanks to bionic leg attachments that are helping them walk again.

Over a 10-week period, many people who had suffered strokes and couldn’t get on their feet again were fitted with a bionic leg to replace their injured leg.

A 3-D digital camera captured what happened when the wearer tried walking.

“We saw confidence increase, we saw walking ability increase and therefore daily step count and activity increase from there for that group,”Amy Wright, a biomechanics specialist at the university, stated that.

Wright explained that using the bionic foot, in addition to traditional treatment and therapy, greatly expedited the recovery process.

A patient who was in a wheelchair could eventually walk on his own without assistance.

“By the end of the 10-week program, he was able to walk around his home without a stick and no one around,”Wright stated.

Scientists say robotic devices’ costs are beginning to fall as more people accept high-tech home-based treatments.

Researchers plan to conduct larger clinical trials to determine which bionic devices can be most beneficial to stroke patients.


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