Bird Flu Detected at Third Indiana Farm


State officials confirmed that Avian influenza — also known as bird flu — has been detected in a third Indiana duck farm, According to AP News.

After a test on a commercial flock of 6,500 ducks in Elkhart County, the results came back positive for flu. 

These samples are currently being verified through the US Department of Agriculture’s National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Iowa, according to the Indiana State Board of Animal Health.

Previous flocks that had tested positive for the Indiana strain were slaughtered, but the animal board has yet to confirm whether this is the best course of action for this third flock. 

Although tests to confirm that this strain is identical to the one that infected previous flocks are not yet complete, other bird owners in the region have been contacted to schedule their flocks to be tested, according to the AP. 

Although 24 states have seen their poultry suffer from the bird flu, there have not been any human cases. Health officials say that it is not a threat to public safety and that no immediate danger has been identified.

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