Bizarre Rumor: Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling Separated ‘Gray Man” Press Tours Due to Supposed Feud


Are You Ryan GoslingAnd Chris Evans fighting? One report suggests The Gray ManBecause they are unable to stand seeing each other, stars insist on holding separate press tours. Here’s what we know.

‘Clashing Co-Stars’

Life & StyleA bombshell story has been released by Netflix alleging tension between Evans and Gosling. The two play rivals in Netflix’s The Gray ManThe two reportedly started fighting straight away. On their first day of filming, the two were shooting with a gun and Evans accidentally caught a piece of Gosling’s face. The Blade Runner 2049 star wasn’t happy about it. “I just wanted to set the tone, just kind of let him know where he stood in my eyes,” Evans later said.

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A source calls their animosity an open secret, and it’s playing out on the press tour. An insider gives his explanation. “Chris has been doing interviews with Ana de Armas while Ryan mostly promotes the movie on his own.”

Ryan Gosling Hates Chris Evans

It’s true that Evans accidentally hit Gosling on the first day of filming. On Instagram, he admitted to the same. Accidents can happen. This incident probably occurred a year ago, considering how long it takes to make a film. Evans’ comments about the incident weren’t meant seriously in the original interview.

Evans and Gosling look more civilized in recent years. It’s pretty common for press tours to separate stars to get as many interviews in as possible. The place you’d expect to see both would be the red carpet, and both were all smiles on that occasion. Evans wrote the following for Gosling, and the rest. “We had a blast!”

Another light note: Gosling used press tour to poke fun at Evans’ mustache. He called it a “trash ‘stache” and doubled down on it. “Those were my real thoughts,” Gosling told The Hollywood Reporter. The mustache has robbed attention away from the film itself, but you can’It is difficult to classify this as other than light ribbing.

For as powerful as Gosling and Evans are, they probably don’t get to control their media obligations. That’s a contractual matter with Netflix. Whether they do talk shows alone or with together isn’t up to them, so it’s hardly a sign of animosity. This logic would lead you to conclude that Gosling detests de Armas as well as all other directors in the film.

This Tabloid: The Many Blood Feuds

Returned in 2020 Life & StyleDrew Scott and Jonathan Scott were fighting. They’re still very close. It once ran a cover story about Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest feuding, yet they’re still on television every day. It’s also propagated the sexist and bogus feud between Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. Castmate drama sells tabloids, and it’s become a favorite trope for this lazy rag. This story appears false until Evans or Gosling start bashing each other.